Pamela's ability to create art from glass is not limited to traditional stained glass work. Though her talent and precision in stained glass creation is remarkable, her ability to envision and creatively create those images is indescribable. Pamela has a way of taking various color and texture combinations to masterfully make priceless pieces worthy of hanging and or displaying in any venue imaginable. Some of her pieces are proudly a part of an exclusive series of bed and breakfast outside of Dallas, Texas.  Others are designed after meeting with homeowners to design a piece specific to their wants and needs for their space.

Her love and appreciation for glass, coupled with her artistic talent, has allowed Pamela to create some of the most beautiful fused glass creations ever. In her North Arkansas art studio, she often has two kilns operating simultaneously fusing her creations. Her work experience has been propelled by being commissioned for a stream of custom glass creations for Risinger Construction, a custom home builder in the Dallas, Texas area, but her true talent shines when she is in pure artistic mood and mindset. Knowing what works well together and looks aesthetically pleasing is a true gift this artist possesses.

Please feel free to contact Pamela regarding your next project. Be it stained glass, fused glass, liturgical design consultancy or a combination of her skill set, I’m sure you will be happy with her collaborative work to create just the look envisioned and hoped.