In an ever changing market and in the world interior design, it takes a talented individual to keep up with the ever changing wants and desires of clients. Since beginning her design work with clients and homebuilders, Pamela has been able to do just that. Her ability to listen to clients and create some of the warmest environments around is a gift. Textures, building products, demands of space parameters and color is not the least bit intimidating for her.

Her natural talent and appreciation for design has propelled her to pursue a professional degree in interior design. Even so as she completes her coursework, her professors and critical reviewers are complimentary of her work.

Please feel free to contact Pamela regarding your next project. Be it stained glass, fused glass, liturgical design consultancy or a combination of her skill set, I’m sure you will be happy with her collaborative work to create just the look envisioned and hoped.

Some of Pamela’s Interior Design Work

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