With her deep personal roots of her own faith, Pamela’s appreciation for religious work goes beyond her own experience. Though growing up in a small rural congregation, this has not hindered her quest to experience works of religious art. Personal trips, studies, books and even the inspiration from nature aid in her exposure to the beauties found around the world in the field of religious art. It is that self-acquired appreciation that has caused her to embark in her own quest to create pieces of art appropriate and fitting in any congregational setting and or venue.

For over six years now, her work has ranged from the commissioned church pieces to elements of collaborative creative work found in congregational worship pieces. Yet her religious work is not just limited to the larger scale of churches, schools and universities, she, too, enjoys creating pieces for private collections both commissioned and ones she simply creates on her own.

Please feel free to contact Pamela regarding your next project. Be it stained glass, fused glass, liturgical design consultancy or a combination of her skill set, I’m sure you will be happy with her collaborative work to create just the look envisioned and hoped.