Our Approach

Growing up in rural Arkansas, Pamela Hawkins always has had a love for art and design. Her work is rooted in her love for the simple things in life, and the beauty of nature rural Arkansas has to offer.

After working mostly in graphite, and studying figure drawing, Pamela studied the basics of fusing glass and fell in love with the many possibilities of working in warm glass. Her knowledge in working with the figure influences use of figurative images in many of her works, and has enabled her to create glass sculpture from clay models she creates.

Pamela has also broadened her skills to include leaded glass art, and residential design. Her knowledge and experience of working in multiple forms of art has made it possible to expand the work she has to offer.

Being primarily self-taught has enabled her to discover her own ways of achieving the desired outcome in her work, giving it unique appeal. Pamela approaches her art much as she does her life, always learning, striving to do better, and creating something beautiful to look back on.

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